A Summer of Sports


This summer has already played host to some amazing sporting events, including Wimbledon, where we saw Serena Williams bagging the winning title (with Beyoncé and Jay Z watching from the side lines).

So, now that’s over, what else can we look forward to?

Well, of course, the Olympics are due to start on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sporting event will bring together the biggest and best athletes in the world for nineteen days with events such as diving, marathon swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, track and field and much, much more.

Much like Wimbledon, the Olympics are an event that brings people from all walks of life together. Whether you’re a sport lover or not, there’s bound to be a sporting category you can’t wait to watch.

The games this year will consist of 42 sport disciplines, spread out over 306 events with an impressive 2,488 medals up for grabs; 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze.



Historically, the US has won the greatest number of medals since the Olympics began in 1896, with a total of 2,406 medals to date, that’s 878 more medals than 2nd place, Russia.

Here are the top four countries and their respective number of medals:

Rank Country Total medals won
1 United States 2,406
2 Russia 1,528
3 Germany 1,305
4 Great Britain 779

And just when you thought the Olympics were over, the Paralympics come to the rescue with the increasingly popular tournament taking place between the 7th – 18th September. The Paralympics has brought us inspirational names such as Trischa Zorn, who famously won 46 Paralympic medals between 1980 and 2004, 32 of which were gold.



To celebrate this summer of amazing sporting events, why not throw a viewing party for your family and friends with sports themed drink, decorations and food (pictured above) with the Olympic games taking centre stage. We’d recommend a viewing party to watch Michael Phelps compete for his 19th gold medal, or Simone Biles, the 3 time world gymnastics winner who is aiming to make history this year at Rio.

Lucky for us, Rio time is just one hour ahead of Eastern time, so you can watch the games live without the fear of those pesky spoilers.

So, are you looking forward to the Olympics? And which events will you be watching? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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