The Nutcracker Garland Tutorial, by Laura Pearson-Smith

By Laura Pearson-Smith, founder,

Here at Christy, we think that Christmas is the perfect excuse to get your scissors out of the drawer and get crafting. Luckily, so does our friend Laura from A Life With Thrills. In this blog post, Laura provides an easy step-by-step guide for making a Nutcracker themed garland, decorated with ballerinas, snowflakes and sparkling beads, perfect as an afternoon activity with the kids.

To make this sparkly festive garland inspired by The Sugar Plum Fairy, you will need: a selection of white, gold and silver ribbons, thin gold elastic, pink A4 card, silver A5 paper, snow and Christmas-themed die-cuts, white pompoms and some small bells. It’s a great way to utilise left over ribbon, tags and decorations from wrapping your presents.

Step One

Cut your collected ribbons and cut them to the length that you would like your garland. Lightly twist them together then tie the ends with your gold elastic.

Nutcracker Garland 1 Nutcracker Garland 2

Step Two

You are going to make your own Sugar Plum Fairy. I’ve put one of these in the centre of the garland, but you can make as many as you want, in whatever size you want. Fold your pink card in half and on the fold, copy my outline of one side of the ballet dancer. When you cut this out and unfold it, you will have a complete body. Next, make one of the paper snowflakes that we all made in school (fold up a square piece of your silver paper then cut designs out of it and unfold), make a slit in the centre and pull down over the top of The Sugar Plum Fairy to resemble a ballet skirt.

Nutcracker Garland 3 Nutcracker Garland 4 Nutcracker Garland 5 Nutcracker Garland 6

Step Three

With your gold elastic and left-over ribbon, tie on your Sugar Plum Fairy, die-cuts, bells and snowballs along the length of your garland, then hang up on your wall.

Nutcracker Garland 7


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