Create A Simple Scandi Inspired Wreath by Marie Nichols

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Minimal Wreaths are big news this festive season, which is great news because they are also super easy to make. These simplistic Scandinavian inspired wreaths can be whipped up at the last minute with minimal fuss but create maximum impact.

You Will Need


Wooden Embroidery Hoop


Florists Wire



Decoration (optional)

Less is most definitely more for this look, so you don’t need to go overboard on the foliage select a few springs (branches / sprigs with a bit of a curve or kink tend to work best)

Place your wooden hoop on the table in front of you and start simply placing the foliage on, playing with the arrangement until you’re happy with the positioning. Remember the aim is not to cover the entire hoop. Think about off-centred and a-symmetric designs.

Wreaths_Making1Use the florists wire to attach the sprigs to the hoop, twisting and bending over on the reverse of the hoop.

Wreaths_Making2Tie a loop of ribbon through the screw at the top and if you wish to add a decoration you can


These look great hung as a single wreath, as a group or even hanging a smaller wreath inside a large one.


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