Create the perfect pillow arrangement

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Create the perfect pillow arrangement

A beautiful and well-laid bed can be easily achieved at home. By following a few simple arrangement rules, you can transform an empty, cold looking bed into a warm cosy retreat.

Firstly, it’s good to look at the entire arrangement of your bed. Once you’ve chosen and set your bed linen, you’re left with a blank canvas where we can now lay the pillows – this will become the masterpiece of the master bedroom!

We recommend adopting a pillow layout similar to the diagram below…


Starting with the largest first, take two coordinating Shams and lay them in an upright position against the headboard. Shams create a staggered look to instantly revitalise any bed. Secondly lay your first set of pillows. We tend to chose a Plain Dye colored, non-patterned under pillow to breakup any color from the linen design. Prop the second set of linen matching pillows at the front. Make sure the back pillows are peeping over the top. You have now set the foundations of your bed fort. Make sure your pillows are straight, and fluffed! Now onto the front pillows… The fun part!!

A great place to start is by adopting pops of bold solid colors into your design. Your choice of pillow can make two beds, set with the same design look completely different. Don’t be afraid to choose contrasting palettes. Pick color shades from other items around your room such as: lamp, flowers, artwork, etc to bring in and tie the whole bedroom together.

So far your bed will look symmetrical. Create a more interesting tone by adding an odd amount of cushions. I’d suggest arranging from left to right, keep the larger cushions to the back to continue the staggered feel. Mix different sizes and styles towards the center. Be careful not to over do it – there is definitely such a thing as too many pillows!, Stray from using correlating colours and designs. It can, on occasion become overkill. Bright colors are the winning combination!

Ensure once again that all cushions are fluffed and pressed!

Don’t forget to place your favourite throw at the foot of the bed. It’s important to ensure at least one of the pillows chosen to layer, matches or compliments the throw, it will amalgamate all items together… Don’t forget, throws are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are the perfect ‘just in case’ layer for cold nights.

Now all that’s left to do is to slip into your cosiest of pyjamas, grab a good book and cuddle into your new retreat.

WARNING: Once you’ve created your perfect bed, getting out (especially on a cold morning) can cause difficulty and/or distress.

We would love to see your finished bed. Tweet us your pictures @christy_linens.


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