9 tips to help you get your best possible sleep

As purveyors of fine bed linen, it is no surprise that at Christy, we value nothing more than an amazing night’s sleep, and this month we’ve teamed up with Shannon at The Simply Luxurious Life to share top tips for getting the best sleep possible.

So, here are nine top tips to ensure you wake up feeling as refreshed as possible – thanks to Shannon for her great advice.

1) Try and keep to one sleeping routine as much as possible – even at the weekends

While it might be unrealistic to be able to do this all the time, with busy work schedules, family events and all kinds of other commitments coming up unexpectedly, those who enjoy better sleep are those who are able to stick as closely as possible to a regular routine. This routine shouldn’t just be a weekday thing – try to keep to it at the weekends, and you’ll soon feel the benefit.

2) Have an evening ritual

Babies and toddlers sleep better when they have the same evening routine, and this love of the familiar is something that stays with us into adulthood. Find something that relaxes you – reading, taking a bath – and incorporate it into your evening ritual. This will tell your body that it is time to unwind.

3) Keep your cool

Overheating in your sleep is guaranteed to wake you up, leading to that all too familiar feeling of clock watching and feeling stressed at the sleep you’re losing. Turn your thermostat down before bed, or off if it’s summer.

4) Unload your troubles

Nothing is guaranteed to keep you lying awake at night more than a stressed out mind, and while it isn’t realistic to expect your troubles to disappear just in time for bed, writing annoyances down or spending five minutes reflecting can really help settle your thoughts.

5) Avoid caffeine and heavy meals

Caffeine will keep you too alert to nod off, and a heavy meal will lie in your stomach and make it difficult to get comfortable. Avoid caffeine and rich or heavy foods after about 6pm.

6) Hydrate with water

Keeping well hydrated with water will avoid the feeling of a dry mouth or a headache which could stop you dropping off to a peaceful sleep.

7) Let it go

Easier said than done, but letting go of stress is key when it comes to sleeping. If something specific is troubling you, spend time thinking of solutions and a strategy to put in place to deal with it – this will help you to feel calmer and remove the issue from your mind.

8) Work up a sweat

If your body is full of energy, it’ll certainly make falling into a deep sleep more difficult, so work of some of this energy with a gym class or run – if your life is a little too busy to spare the time for a gym visit, at-home exercises will do the trick.

9) Rely on relaxing scents

Scents such as lavender and sandalwood are known for their relaxing qualities – why not take a bath and add a few drops of essential oils to help you drift off?


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