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#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Welcome Guests with the Perfectly Folded Towels

#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Welcome Guests with the Perfectly Folded Towels


It’s finally that time of year where friends and family travel from far and wide to stay with loved ones over the Christmas period. If you’re expecting guests this year, it’s crucial you create an environment that ensures your visitors feel at home whilst staying with you.

A good host understands exactly how to prepare their home in order to make their guests feel comfortable at all times. This includes keeping your house clean and tidy, and filling it with all the amenities your guests may possibly need.

If in doubt, take inspiration from top hotels. How do they welcome their guests? What do they provide for them? How do they lay out the room before a guest arrives? By recreating your favourite hotel room, you’ll be sure to provide your guests with everything they could possibly need during their stay.

A common item that guests often don’t have space for is a big fluffy towel, a key item for after a shower on a cold winter’s morning. Your guests will think it’s a Christmas miracle when they arrive to see a much needed towel perfectly placed at the end of their beds.

But remember, presentation is everything. We all secretly want our friends and family to be impressed when we show them where they will be staying for the next few days, so we asked our friend Jennifer Scott from The Daily Connoisseur to create  this handy little tutorial to show you a quick and easy way to fold your towels like the professionals.

This neat little trick will give your guest room a professional touch that will leave your visitors wondering whether they’ve stepped into a five star hotel. Watch Jennifer’s video below and find out exactly how to fold your towels in a way that will impress your guests.

Have you tried out this tutorial for yourself? Head over to our Facebook page and let us how you got on. Send us a photo if you’re feeling brave, we’d love see your results!