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5 exciting ways to bring Spring indoors


5 ways to bring Spring into your home BLOG US


Spring – one of the most beautiful times of year. The flowers are blooming, the sun shines for longer and there’s an exciting feeling in the air. After a season of sitting in front of the fire, it’s time to put the comforter into storage and bring a touch of spring to your home. Keep reading for tips and advice on how to give your home a new lease of life for a new season.

  1. Fill your vases with daffodils

Nothing says spring like the arrival of daffodils, it’s pretty much the universal sign that a new season is here. Whether you buy them from a supermarket or collect them from the garden, a vase of these vibrant flowers will brighten up any home. If daffodils aren’t in abundance in your area, try snipping off a couple of branches from a blossom tree and display in a tall vase.

  1. Swap out dark bed sheets for light

Sure, your tartan bed sheets looked great in winter, but now it’s spring you should opt for something more light and refreshing. Neutral and pastel shades complement this time of year perfectly or why not try something floral for that extra spark?

  1. Update the accessories

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have different sets of furniture for different seasons? Whilst you’re dreaming of interchangeable sofas, why not give your front room an update by adding floral covers to your sofa cushions and introducing a bright rug to the room? In fact, don’t stop there, why not change the curtains to something with a floral pattern as well as lighter lampshades for a seasonal look?

  1. Fill the walls with outdoor imagery

If you’re not lucky enough to have an inspiring view when looking out of the window, why not bring the outside in with some framed images of trees in blossom or a young lambs in the field? The cuter the better.

  1. Embrace the spring clean

It might be tempting to skip the spring clean this year, but don’t underestimate just how much better it could make your home feel. As well as the usual dust and sweep, why not try rearranging your storage and donating any items you haven’t used in the past year? The less clutter you have in your home, the less cluttered you will feel.

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