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Eating and entertaining outside

The warmer summer months make al fresco dining a great option, but you do not need to spend a lot of time, money or effort making your outdoor space ideal for enjoying a meal – with a few small changes, your garden will be transformed into the perfect outdoor dining room.

Outdoor dining in a small space

If your garden is smaller make the most out of its nooks by repurposing an old door or piece of wood into an outdoor dining table – great for displaying plants in the winter months when eating outside isn’t as much of an option.

Image from Flickr

Smart storage

If you’re going to be eating outside a lot, you might not want to have to walk to and from the house bringing everything you need – upcycle old food cans to create fun and practical knife, fork and utensil holders.


Image from home-dzine.co.za

No extra chairs? No problem

Here at Christy, we are lovers of soft furnishings, which means that while we may sometimes not have enough spare chairs, we never run low on cushions and blankets – so why not bring them outside for an al fresco meal?

Image from eye-swoon.com

Head to the flea market

Outdoor furniture can often be eye-wateringly expensive, but there are bargains to be found at yard sales, flea markets or vintage stores. We love this idea we saw on Lauren Conrad’s blog, in the picture below, which shows an old 1970’s style metal table and chairs set being used outdoors. If you find something wooden or made from a material such as ratten, just invest in some waterproof varnish or paint to protect it from the elements.