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House Envy – The Best Houses of the Small and Silver Screen

One of the best things about curling up with a blanket and your favourite TV show or movie is the chance to see some truly stunning houses, from the imposing Grayson Manor in Revenge to the glitz and glam of the Lyon family mansion in Empire, not to mention the country elegance of the homes in hit show Nashville.

Here are snapshots of some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring houses on TV – which is your favourite?

Santa Barbara Spanish ranch, It’s Complicated

Although this romantic comedy, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as a divorced couple who begin an affair years after separating, received average reviews, the home that Streep’s character Jane lives in is certainly deserving of a five star rating.

 Images from Hooked on Houses and Traditional Home

Combining rustic bright colours, traditional materials and modern touches, the Spanish ranch is a gorgeous home. It has a warm and inviting feel but remains chic – the best houses are always those that combine practicality with elegance.

The Grayson manor, Revenge

Home to the warring Graysons, this manor is everything you would expect from the home of a successful business mogul and his scheming wife. Filmed partly on a sound stage and partly in real-life homes, the manor is certainly imposing, but retains a homely feel due to comfortable squashy sofas, plenty of soft furnishings, fresh flowers and thoughtfully placed lamps and candles.

Images from Hooked onHouses

Rayna James’s house, Nashville

Rayna’s impressive home is big on rustic touches, such as a lot of exposed brick and wood, and retains a homely feel, despite its size, thanks to the use of classic style furniture rather than modern pieces.

One of its best features is an incredible wraparound porch with an eaved wood ceiling.

Images from Hooked on Houses

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