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Try a New Tradition this Festive Season

When Christmas is in full swing it’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos, but reclaiming a few minutes for yourself can have many benefits. One relaxing and worthwhile activity you can do during this time is to write a Christmas letter to your friends and family. As featured in our Christy Guide to a Classic British Christmas, Emma Farrow from Teapots and Twine says this is a fantastic way to reflect on the past year.

If you didn’t get chance to do this in December, you could always turn the tradition into a new year’s letter. This would be a great opportunity to update your loved ones and make plans for the year ahead. Emma Farrow says: “I think that the key to a great Christmas letter is being positive, personal and avoiding the urge to brag … If you have children then they may enjoy being involved in composing your Christmas letter too. Ask for their help to create a fun quiz about your family and use this as framework for sharing your news, or ask each child to write down their favourite memory from the past year and pick a photo to accompany it. I think it is important to pass on the tradition of Christmas letter writing to the younger generation so that they learn more meaningful ways of communicating than via social media. They will love reading the letters back in years to come so don’t forget to keep a copy for your family too.”

While you’re composing the letter, why not take another piece of paper and write out some family resolutions for 2015? Working on these together ensures you have realistic expectations, while putting them down on paper will improve the chances of people taking them seriously. We’d love to hear some of your resolutions for 2015; keep us posted via Facebook ( and Twitter (@Christy_Linens).