March 2014 archive

Hooray for the Start of Spring 2014

It may seem pretty hard to believe considering all of the miserable, weather we have been experiencing lately but, we promise, that will soon be coming to an end. With the occasional appearance of a little bit of sunshine comes the chance for new opportunities; the chance to have a major sort-out by embracing a bit of spring cleaning.

It is often said that a happy home equals a happy mind which we whole-heartedly agree with; there can’t possibly be a happier home than a freshly cleaned, (semi) clutter-free one! Sometimes, maybe all you need is a quick sort through the cupboards – it is astonishing just how therapeutic throwing out old or un-used items can be! Dusting, vacuuming and a fresh lick of paint can all work wonders in helping to transform a room. Better yet put the duster down and the DIY on hold…

A room makeover can be achieved through the smallest of changes: fresh, new bed linen or a set of fluffy bathroom towels. A set of Christy bed linen may be just what you need to revamp your bedroom, complete with matching cushions and throws! There is nothing better than getting your fresh new bedding off the washing line and putting it on the bed for the first time. There is nothing quite like standing back and looking at your nicely dresses new bed and then snuggling up into it with a good book.

Your feature wall may remain a mosaic of samples swatches but your bed will be your perfect haven and if you are organised enough to be both domestic goddess and DIY queen you’ve started spring with a head start.